Screw-links / Rapides

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Maillon Oval Screw-link

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The standard oval shapes are are the most widely used screw-links. They are ideal for connecting to hardware such as bolt hangers or wire cables, and have the highest strength of any screw-link shape for the size of the material. They are also the cheapest option.


Maillon Wide Oval Screw-link

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Wide mouth screw-links are useful when a thick rope or chain needs to be attached, or the extra length of the link is an advantage. Often these are needed to connect to eye-bolts or other anchors, when the thickness of the anchor requires the wider opening.


Maillon Delta Screw-link

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Delta (or triangular) shaped screw-links are great for rigging a wire strop round an anchor – one eye of the wire comes in at each of the top corners and another connector can be attached in the bottom corner.
This shape is also good for connecting webbing to a fixed attachment point. We use them to connect our fall-arrest lanyards to the D-rings on harnesses.


Maillon Half Moon (D-Shape) Screw-link

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D-shaped screw-links are designed for three-way loading, and their specific application is for closing the two sides of a caving harness. The other connections such as cowstails and ascenders go onto the rounded side of the D.


Maillon Twist Screw Link

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The twist shape is the latest development in screw-links. It allows riggers to use a single connector to achieve a 90 degree change in orientation of the rigging. Only one size is available.


Maillon Square Screw-link

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Square shaped screw-links are used for webbing-to-webbing connections. Our main use is connecting fall-arrest lanyards to energy absorbers. They would also be ideal for connecting a webbing strap to a wire anchor strop.


Maillon Pear Screw-link

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Pear shapes are great for attaching to harnesses that have webbing attachment points as they are wide opening and the rounded end of the pear is easy on the webbing. They are also useful whenever a wide opening or larger internal volume is needed, ie. connecting to a round bar.