Rope Grabs & Back-up Devices

Our range of rope grabs covers all fall protection requirements, whether on rope or steel cable, from compact light weight aluminum options to more robust stainless steel types. Some must be threaded on to the rope, while others are removable at any point. Most are are certified to EN 353 and can be regarded as a “Type 1 fall-arrest device” under AS/NZS 1891.

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CT Finch Lanyard

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Positioning lanyard that is adjustable, compact, easy to use and available in three different lengths (2, 3 and 5 m) without terminal connector. It can be connected to the lateral attachment points (EN 358) of a full body harness, for climbing up poles or for positioning on pylons and it can also be connected to the ventral attachment point (EN 813) for positioning on inclined surfaces where there is no risk of a pendulum.

CT Easy Move

CT Easy Move Rope Grab & Back Up Device

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Lightweight and easy to handle multifunctional device that can be used as fall arrester (EN 353-2:2002 / EN 12841:2006-A), working line ascender (EN 12841:2006-B), or lanyard regulator (EN 358:1999).


S-Tec Duck-R Back Up Device

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A great replacement for those using the Shunt in rope access work.


S-Tec En-Forcer Back Up Device

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The EN Forcer is a non-aggressive device and during correct operational use it will not damage ropes. In emergency deployment, with the exception of very minor glazing, a properly used EN Forcer will lock on to the Back-Up rope without causing serious damage to itself, its lanyard, karabiners or to the rope.


Heightec Vector Rope Grab

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A versatile, multi-functional rope device designed specifically for roof work and ladder climbing.


ISC Rocker Rope Grab

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Rocker rope grab I.S.C. red


SMC Grip Rope Grab

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As the newest member of the SMC family this rope grab designed to work with virtually any rope you have in your gear bag. Every component of this rope grab is meticulously hand-finished contributing to the smooth, free action that is the hallmark of all SMC gear. Each one is 100% hand-inspected for functional characteristics before leaving our factory.


CT SKC Cable Grab

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These cable grabs have a similar mechanism to the CT SKR Rope Grab but are designed for use on an 8.0mm steel cable. It is critical that the correct cable grab is selected to match either stainless steel cable or galvanised steel cable.


CT SKR-2 Rope Grab

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An extremely robust, durable and functional removable fall arrester device for ropes.


ISC RED Back Up Device

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The RED is a simple, yet highly effective back-up device. It’s non-aggressive Cams have a positively locking spring, which means that the device is self-parking (rather than self-tailing, like many rope grabs).  This self-parking function is important for Rope Access work techniques as they stipulate that the back-up device should be positioned so as to reduce fall factors to a minimum.


ISC Mini Rope Grab

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The ISC Mini Rope Grab is available with a pip pin or fixed axle design. The pip pin rope grab can easily be added/removed from the working rope line at any time- without the need for the user to detach from their Harness. The fixed axle rope grab can only be added/removed from the end of the rope.