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In 1990 Saltic Climbing was formed. In the Czech Republic climbers were using football shoes because of the thickness and shape of the boots. Soon after this the founder of Saltic started upgrading football shoes and then developed the first official climbing shoe. They became so popular that Saltic was born. Saltic climbing shoes are about quality, made in the Czech Republic  by people not robots or machines. Every pair of Saltic’s are uniquely designed with special features not seen on many other climbing brands.

Saltic rubber is super sticky and durable and is made from Extasy rubber. Extasy rubber has been studied and experimented into  a new highly technical recipe which enhances shoe performance of the toe box . There is an extremely well balanced combination between edging strengths and gripey performance makes Extasy a strong weapon that will stand up to any rock structure that you find. Extasy is a guarantee of extensive performance.


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Saltic NIO Ankle Support

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