Webbing & Sewn Slings

Webbing & Sewn Slings

Aspiring is a significant importer of high quality climbing webbing into New Zealand. Shipping directly from the manufacturers to our factory in Christchurch enables us to supply a range of excellent quality webbing for climbing, rescue, and outdoor education at very favourable prices, and also to manufacture nylon and Dyneema sewn slings.

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Tubular 25 mm nylon webbing

Tubular Webbing – 25mm

Tubular 25 mm nylon webbing is the standard material used in rigging anchor slings for work at height, outdoor education, and rope rescue. Great for building natural anchors. Options available for it to have sewn eyes at custom lengths, let us know your requirements and we will let you know what can be done.

Sewn sling Dyneema

Aspiring Dyneema Slings – 13mm

Dyneema webbing is the preferred material for manufacturing lightweight Dyneema sewn slings for rock climbing and mountaineering. We stock it in the 13mm width, which is durable and facilitates sewing.

Nylon Slings 25mm Tubular

Aspiring Nylon Sling – 25mm Tubular

Tubular 25 mm nylon sewn slings are ideal for anchor slings for work at height, industrial abseiling, outdoor education, and rope rescue.

Tubular Nylon Webbing 16mm

Tubular Webbing – 16mm

Tubular 16 mm nylon webbing is great for lightweight applications, particularly in mountaineering, canyoning and climbing where weight and bulk are crucial. Its particular uses are for ice axe slings and building natural abseil anchors.


Tubular Webbing – 50mm

Tubular 50 mm nylon webbing.