Replacement Cam and Hex Slings


Replace your old cam and hex slings with sewn 13mm Dyneema slings. This should be done at least every ten years; more often if the gear is heavily used or there is damage to the webbing. (Most manufacturers recommend 5 years if used often. Please refer to the manufacturers instructions) Our slings are sewn professionally on a computer controlled machine and inspected by our quality control department prior to dispatch. The stitch pattern, Dyneema and thread are all the same as what we use on our 13mm Dyneema sling range.

Please note this inspection refers to the re sling only we do not inspect the cam itself however if we do happen to note any problems with the cams we will do our best to highlight these to you. 

Please do not pre-pay for repairs, just post them to us. We will then send you a link for payment once we have received the gear and the work is complete.