Dynamic Rope

Dynamic Rope
Our ropes represent the latest advances in climbing rope technology. Our dynamic ropes are of a kernmantle construction and provide a low impact force with high fall ratings that maximize the best outcomes for safety when used properly. With the latest features, such as Unicore® technology that provides nearly zero sheath slippage, there simply aren’t any other ropes like these.

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PMI Spire Rope 10.2mm

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The SPIRE is a classic all-purpose, versatile crag rope that appeals to practically every climber. It is a favorite for guides that want accommodate a wide range of climbing abilities and experiences for groups. It has a thicker sheath that can take a beating in a variety of conditions including alpine and mixed routes. The SPIRE attains remarkably high specification ratings while maintaining a light weight of 69 g/m. This is a no-brainer go-to rope that you will want in your gear cache for almost any climbing situation


PMI Cirque Rope 10.6mm

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The CIRQUE has a comfortable and solid feel that lets you forget about the rope and focus on the route! It has a high fall rating while providing minimal impact force. The CIRQUE is supple, has great knotability and is easily managed with most gear. This rope provides the perfect balance of weight and diameter for Single rope use.


PMI Synergy Rope 9.9mm

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The SYNERGY is a great all-around rope for sport or trad, short or multi-pitch routes. It is a standard kernmantle design with a thicker sheath for exceptional abrasion resistance. It’s great for Single rope use, is lightweight for longer hike-in access to amazing routes and has a substantial but agile feel that’s noticed whether you’re leading or belaying.


CT Crag Rope 9.4mm – 60m

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Lightweight 9.4 mm single rope, of an excellent quality and optimum technical parameters.


CT Lanyard

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High strength safety rope, 11 mm dynamic rope.

PMI Elite Rope – 9.4mm

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This lightweight rope weighing in at 57.4 g/m is a favorite among the best competitive climbers in the world. It weighs as much as 1/3 less than other similar diameter ropes providing speed and agility needed for tough routes.


PMI Erratic Rope – 8.9mm – Dry (Single/Half/Twin)

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The all new ERRATIC has every feature that you need all wrapped up into one rope for any climbing situation. It is a triple rated rope that is ultra-lightweight with a solid feel and precision control.


CT Route Rope (Half/Twin) – 8.2mm

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Lightweight 8.2 half and twin rope, Excellent quality, robustness, and handing.


PMI Verglas Rope – 8.1mm – Dry (Half/Twin)

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With a fall rating of 18 for Twin rope use, you should feel absolute confidence in the VERGLAS when committing to those adventurous routes! Ideal for sport and trad rock routes as well as snow and ice climbs, sometimes two ropes can work to your advantage.


PMI Latitude Rope 11.0mm – 60m

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Dynamic rope ideal for work-at-height applications that allow dynamic rope use. Also, great for groups of all climbing abilities, ropes courses and guiding with high use and abuse potential.