Working at Heights Safety Information

An outline of fall-protection for workers at height and their employers.


These pages are not an instruction manual, and should not be considered a substitute for competent instruction. We do our best to review the information from time to time but it’s always possible some information may be out of date. Contact us for referral to a qualified training organisation. Worksafe / Mahi Haumaru is also an excellent resource.


  1. The risks of work at height
  2. Legal considerations
  3. The hierarchy of control
  4. Fall protection
  5. Restraint systems
  6. Work-positioning systems
  7. Fall arrest systems
  8. Drop-lines and rope grabs
  9. Retracting lanyards and lifelines
  10. Horizontal life-lines
  11. Anchorages
  12. Fall clearance
  13. Swing-fall hazards
  14. Elevated work platforms
  15. Roof work
  16. Suspension trauma and rescue
  17. Equipment maintenance