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Aspiring Kevlar Caving Overalls

NZD $299.00

Kevlar cave overalls are similar to the cordura version but manufactured from a lightweight Kevlar fabric. Weight is just over half of the cordura overalls.


Your height and waist measurement.


The most important measurement. Standing, measure from you C7 (bump on back of your neck), down through the crotch, back up to the top of your collar bone. This is typically between 140cm and 190cm.

Inseam * 

Measured from crotch to ankle. Use a comfortable pair of pants or your old coveralls (if available) as a guide.

Ankle Cuffs * 

Add elastic to the wrists, ankles, or waist.

Wrist Cuffs

Made in NZ

Made to last!

All our manufactured products are made from the highest quality materials we could find. Check out our commitment to quality here.

  • Very flexible and manoeuvrable.
  • Breathable and fast drying.
  • Very durable for the weight.
  • Blends in with the surroundings.
  • Polar fleece lined collar.
  • Kevlar, Courdura, and nylon blend.

Important! Only use the chest, waist, and arm measurements below to compare our overalls to an existing pair (overalls you’re replacing if applicable).

Trunk Trunk 2 Overall Width at Chest Waist Arms
Measured Sitting Down

Seat to top of shoulder

Measured Standing

Back to front of neck through crotch.

*For reference only against old overalls (not used for sizing)

Lay flat

Measure across under arms.

*For reference only against old overalls (not used for sizing)

Lay flat

Measure across

10-15cm above crotch

*For reference only against old overalls (not used for sizing)

From Stitching on top of shoulder to end of sleeve.

59cm (23″) Small 145cm 67cm 54cm 77cm
64cm (25″) Medium 155cm 64cm 60cm 84cm
69cm (27″) Large Slim 162cm 61cm 53cm 84cm
69cm (27″) Large 165cm 69cm 62cm 90cm
74cm (29″) X-Large 175cm 74cm 65cm 95cm


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