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With the holiday season fast approaching we’re here to help find some great gear for the climber in your life that seems to always have everything..or at least almost everything.

Y&Y Belay Glasses

They might not be the most stylish thing but if your climbing partner has ever had a sore neck after watching you project the same route for hours on end these are for them. Available in 3 models and various colours.

Superclip Stick Clip

Ever passed up a climb due to a really high first bolt or a sketchy belay/landing zone? Then the Superclip is for you. No plastic parts or other things to break and it threads onto any standard broom or painters pole. Not only can you clip the first bolt on a climb but you can also re-clip the rope on a route with draws already set as well as remove the first draw without ever leaving the ground.

CT Roll-N-Lock Pulley

So much more than your average pulley. You can use it as a progress capture pulley, prusik, ascender, webbing positioner, rope grab, & more. The cam is also much less aggressive than similar devices so it’s less hard on your rope. Works best with oval carabiners so grab one if you think they’ll need it.

Y&Y Climbing Socks

Sounds a bit crazy at first but if you’ve ever had to distance yourself from someone walking into a crag due to the smell of their climbing shoes hanging on the outside of their bag you’ll understand why these exist. Seamless, breathable, and incredibly thin socks designed specifically for climbers to help minimize odours. These are also great for sensitive feet that react to the leather in shoes.

Aspiring Gear Bucket

These make a great storage solution for your climbing gear. No more digging through the bottom of your pack trying to find what you need. One small bucket should easily fit all your draws, biners, slings, or a full rack.

Climbing Rope Bag

Is your climbing partner still hauling their climbing rope around in a reusable Pak-N-Save grocery bag? Look no further.

A New Belay Device

If you’ve never tried an assisted braking belay device now is a great time. The new Click UP Plus is finally here and is a fantastic option for anyone who wants the feel of an ATC but with a little extra security when belaying. Of course we also have the Petzl GriGri 2 which, as almost anyone will tell you, is a fantastic device but does take a bit longer to get used to. We also offer the Alpine Up for those that want the flexibility of 2 ropes.

A Custom Climbing Harness

Looking for a truly unique gift this year? How about a one of a kind climbing harness made with any fabric you can think of. From Hello Kitty to emojis we’ve seen it all. We offer custom versions of our popular Rocky and Stratos harnesses free of charge. All you need is to supply us with 1 metre of your favourite fabric and we’ll do the rest.

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