ISC RT305A1 Chipmunk Flex Tether


The Chipmunk Flex measures 9″ (23cm), which is 3″ (~8cm) shorter than the original Squirrel FLEX Tether. The short Chipmunk tether allows users to reduce the overall height of their SRT climbing system. A compact climbing system allows climbers more reach-space above the system, therefore enabling longer arm strides and greater efficiency during ascent.

ISC RP285A1 Apex Rope Wrench

The ISC Apex Rope Wrench is fitted with an adjustable cam, allowing the user to select from multiple clearly identifiable friction settings, in accordance with rope type and diameter.  The spring-loaded cam can be adjusted in under 5 seconds. Simply depress the spring-loaded button, swing the side plate open, and then pull the spring-loaded cam outwards a short way.  Rotate the cam to select the new setting, release the cam, and close the device.  No tools needed and no droppable parts.

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