Imlay Canyonero – 9.2mm – 195m Spool

NZD $875.00

More weight equals greater durability. The Imlay Canyonero 9.2mm excels when durability, value, and robustness are priorities in your abseil rope. Great for canyons where the water flow beats your static rope against the rock. Provides a lot of rope to hold onto, both for less-skilled canyoneers and for the more-gravity-tugged-upon among us.

When comparing to other static rope, look at the grams per meter. Many static ropes claim a larger diameter, but contain considerably less material, resulting from a very soft weave that holds up to abuse poorly. The Canyonero rope is tightly woven to resist cutting, plus uses a somewhat sheath-heavy design (52%/48%) to increase toughness and increase value.

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