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Aspiring is voluntarily replacing all Daisychains manufactured since 2015. Although no accidents or failures have been reported a routine batch test identified a potential flaw in the design that could be easily fixed with a change in the production process. In the interests of customer safety Aspiring has decided to voluntarily establish a replacement programme. If you own a Daisychain that falls within the scope of this recall, please discontinue use immediately, and follow the procedures below. We will replace your Daisychain free of charge including postage.


Batch testing has revealed that in certain configurations the daisy chain can fail lower than expected in relation to its overall strength. This is still higher than the stated stitched loop failure but a simple design change has increased the performance of the product in this configuration. As such we would like to replace all current daisy chains in service with the new design.

Included Products

Products13mm Dyneema Daisychains
This only applies to codes: EDD06, EDD08, EDD10, EDD12, EDD15
Year10/2015 – 08/2020
Serial NumberUp to 20634

Exchange Process

Please fill out the following form:

Daisychain Replacement Request

Or for further details –

email – [email protected]

phone – 0800 114 625

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