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Aspiring Stitched/Sewn Rope Eyes (both ends)

NZD $30.00

Add a rated structural stitched eye or termination to any rope we offer.

Made in NZ

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  • Both ends of rope stitched / sewn into an eye loop.
  • Stock ropes are labelled with date, serial number, and rating to the minimum breaking strength of the stitched eye. We can sew to any specific length feel free to give us a buzz to discuss options.
  • Stitching is heat shrunk for protection where needed, we can add your logo and any other information required to this as a label underneath the heat shrink.
  • Connectors can be sewn into the terminations and rope grabs or other products can be permanently installed on the rope prior to sewing.
  • Can stitch 7mm – 20mm ropes.
  • Terminations can be sewn as per the specification in the EN 1891 standard Section 4.12 or EN 566:2017 if needed please enquire / discuss your needs as this depends on rope size and configuration. We have the facilities on site to sew and test to these and your own requirements.
  • If supplying your own rope, give us an extra 1m and we can test and rate accordingly.
  • Optional stainless or plastic thimble inserts are available.

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