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Rock Climbing Shoe Resole (Rock Cobbler)

NZD $70.00

The best, and only place we know of in NZ, to get climbing shoes re-soled. See below for information on where to send your shoes and estimated time/cost.

  • Allow approx. 3-4  weeks for shoes to be returned.
  • Price is either $70 or $95 NZD (plus $10 return shipping) depending on condition of current rubber. See the photo below for a quick guide.

Shipping Address

52 Rangihaeata Road RD2 
Takaka 7182
027 525 8531
[email protected]

Disclaimer: This is only a link to the service. We are not affiliated with the Rock Cobbler. Just trying to help people find out where to get shoes re-soled, no commission or payment is made to Aspiring this is just a listing in the interests of helping people find where to go ( We get asked alot 🙂 ) Attached prices are valid as of 13 June, 2022 but as we don’t offer this service ourselves is subject to change without notice please contact Troy at the Rock Cobbler to discuss.