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Climbing in the Olympics – 2020 Update

Ever since 2016, when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to include climbing in the 2020 Olympics the format has been a hotly debated subject. The IOC is combining the three main forms of competitive climbing—speed, boulder, and sport—into one event and only offering one set of medals. I’ve covered the format before, interviewing chief

ETNZ Conference & Tradeshow

We are at the ETNZ Conference & Tradeshow this week in Wellington. Come check out our performance products at our stand on the 25th – 26th June.  

The Dragon Project

  New climbs on Banks Peninsula   History The Dragon Crags, as part of the Devils Gap crag, have been recognised as a climbing area since the early 1970s. In 1972 Murray Cullen established the first route, Backslider, on one of the upper walls. At present it is not clear where this route is. During the next few years

Caving On (or More Correctly Under) Mount Owen

Since New Zealand’s longest cave, Bulmer Cavern, was discovered in 1985 cavers have congregated at Bulmer Lake on Mt Owen in Kahurangi National Park every January. After 34 years of effort from scores of cavers, the length of the cave is about 74 kilometres, and it is the third deepest at 750 metres. This year

Crag Life: Keeping It Green

As outdoor enthusiasts, we often give consideration to the impact we have on our environment. With the climbing season upon us, now is a great time to talk about what we can do to ensure that we are taking care of our crags and minimising the impact we have on our surroundings. #1 The Bend

Gift Ideas for the Climber that “Almost” Has Everything

With the holiday season fast approaching we’re here to help find some great gear for the climber in your life that seems to always have everything..or at least almost everything. Y&Y Belay Glasses They might not be the most stylish thing but if your climbing partner has ever had a sore neck after watching you

NZ Canyoning – Top of the South

Venture off the track and into the canyon in the well-visited Top of the South Island… Written by canyon guide Rosie Hadfield.  The top of the South Island is renowned for its beautiful National Parks; many are drawn each year from across New Zealand to explore the backcountry by foot, by kayak, or by bike.

An Ode to Arapiles

Now New Zealand has some pretty amazing rock to be climbed: the polished limestone of Paynes Ford and Pohara, the grippy granite of Charleston, and the special schist of Wanaka and Queenstown to mention just a few. Yet still each year hundreds, if not thousands, make their pilgrimage across the pond to the towering cliffs

The Gear You Need to Start Rock Climbing

Whether you dream of pulling on plastic gym holds, scaling big walls, or ascending mountain peaks, basic rock climbing knowledge is essential. It’s the foundation of all mountain activities — but to get started rock climbing, first you need the right rock climbing gear. If you’ve never gone rock climbing before, we suggest starting in

How to Care for and Clean Your Climbing Rope

When you’re rock climbing, mountaineering, caving, or canyoning your life literally depends on the integrity of your gear. You need equipment that functions properly every time — and that means dedicating a certain amount of time to taking care of your gear. Your climbing rope is perhaps the epitome of this mantra as it is