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SMC 60cm I Picket Snow Anchor

NZD $59.00

SMC snow stake recognized for excellence in performance and durability by the world renowned American Alpine Institute as one of their “Guides’ Choice” products.

  • Has a peerless strength-to-weight ratio, as well as an unmatched practical design.
  • Modified I web depth provides maximum hold
  • Compact for ease of handling and packing
  • Sharp end is precision tapered for easy placement in ice and hard snow
  • Natural finish that it holds more securely in vertical placement
  • Bevelled edges of the clip-in holes to protect ropes and webbing

Accurate assessment of snow conditions and their potential for change during the day/night is critical in determining correct picket placement. In hard packed snow or ice, place the picket as a stake, driving the pointed end into the snow. Angle the picket (approx. 15°) back from the direction of pull and clip a carabiner into the hole closest to the surface of the snow. In softer snow and warming conditions, bury the picket as a deadman. Place the I Picket horizontally and perpendicular to the direction of pull, clip into the centre hole and dig a slot in the snow so that the runner/rope will be pulled in as direct a line as possible.

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Weight 0.385 kg
Dimensions 60.96 × 5.08 × 5.08 cm
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