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CT Duetto Trolley


Twin pulley with fixes side plates that allows easy maneuvering on ropes or cables.

  • Made of anodized light alloy.
  • Stainless steel sheaves mounted with 4 ball bearings.
  • For use with ropes Ø ≤ 13 mm and cables ≤ 12 mm.
  • Designed for Tyrolean traverses on ropes or cables so it is particularly indicated for use in the adventure parks.
  • Up to three connectors can be hooked in the lower eyelet.
  • Custom lanyards can be made for this and all trolleys.
  • Pair this with a custom made Aspiring Safety Trolley lanyard – flick us an email or online chat with your requirements we are happy to build to suit. With over 30 years of making them we have highly refined our designs and can custom build to your length.

Additional information

Weight0.290 kg
Dimensions10 × 8 × 3.3 cm


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