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CT Easy Rescue

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Combined anchor and pulley for evacuation from cable cars and chair lifts, it allows evacuation by allowing rescuers to be lowered along the cable, or when the underlying terrain permits it, to allow the unloaded pulley to run down the cable to the desired position and then use it as a winch and lower anchor.

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  • For use on cables Ø 20-60 mm max and inclination ± 50° max.
  • Double gate opening for a higher safety during the use.
  • Lightweight and well balanced, it can be used with only one hand.
  • High breaking strength thanks to the connector’s structure.
  • Safety pulley in the centre that activates in case of extra load.
  • Upper attachment point that allows to slide along the cable without any interference from the rope.
  • Side ears allowing a wider control capacity on the cable.

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