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SMC Rescue StayK


Ground stakes made from unknown grades of pipe, rebar, or scrap iron are risky at best, yet they are extremely common in rope rescue. The SMC Rescue StayK is an engineered solution to the ground stake problem. The Rescue StayK system is versatile, accomodating, and by far the most effective, efficient, and reliable system available today.

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  • Constructed from stainless steel and anodized aluminium for long life and durability.
  • Clip points rotate without sliding up or down the stake so rigging remains securely placed even when anchors shift.
  • The combination of rotating clip points and rotating sleeves allow the SMC Rescue StayK to be configured as a load equalizing rescue anchor system with the ability to self-equalise and distribute the rescue load equally throughout the system. This provides the maximum system strength even when a StayK may shift due to poor ground conditions.
  • Once installed the SMC Rescue StayK system can be divided into multiple safety systems.
  • The StayK’s engineered solution with secure attachment points also make many well known rigging methods more safe and reliable.

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