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SMC NFPA 4 Bar U-Rack

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A heavy duty rack with two opposed tied-off bars providing for quicker tie-off methods and more “fine tuned” friction possibilities on a shorter and lighter system.

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  • SMC U-Rack assemblies are the only such U-Racks which are UL Certified to the current NFPA standards.
  • U-Rack may be used as either a rappel or lowering device.
  • U-Rack provides for even distribution of weight between both sides of the rack.
  • U-Rack does not twist rope, as can occur when using a Figure 8 type descender.
  • U-Rack may be used with single or double ropes of varying diameters.
  • Different length racks provide wide range of friction and control under varying weights and applications.
  • User may adjust friction by simply wrapping rope around the Tie-Off Bar(s).
  • Stainless steel rack material provides greater strength, reliability and long lasting service.
  • Tie-Off Bars are tubular stainless steel for longer life.
  • Brake Bars are available as aluminum or stainless steel and come in a variety of styles and sizes.
  • Racks & bars may be purchased separately so that the user may have a greater range of set-up configurations tailored to meet their individual needs for non-NFPA applications and as replacement parts.

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Weight 0.754 kg
Dimensions 24.38 × 9.3 × 2.5 cm
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