Aspiring Retriever Rescue Kit

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The rescue plan’s best friend is right here! Perform the rescue of a fallen co-worker quickly without having to do any assembly. Ready to go straight out of the bag.

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  • System is designed to be as easy to use and functional as possible, all components of the system are secured to the setup to make removing them as hard to discourage people “borrowing”parts of the system for there own use which is a common problem of rescue kits.
  • Retrieval, hauling and lowering operations in one kit
  • No re-configuring needed between operations, raise or lower with no need to change it over
  • Scaffold hook attached to release bracket on extendable pole ( Anodised Red for rescue )
  • 30 metres of rope for lowering
  • Self-locking lowering device
    • Now upgraded to the CT Sparrow 150
  • Hauling assembly with 4:1 mechanical advantage
    • This jigger unit is now upgraded to the top of the line SMC HX system using a mechanical locking pulley.
  • Rugged red PVC backpack contains the kit, easily identifiable and made to last 10 years
  • First aid pouch compartment
  • Hook knife supplied and pocket containing it is sewn into bag for cutting lanyard if needed once the patient is safety secured on the system
  • Operating instructions for lowering and raising in a handy clear pocket located on the front of the pack, ensuring that even those less experienced can operate the system.

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Made In

New Zealand

Kit Contents

  • PVC Storage Bag with Pole Attachment Sleeve
  • Captain Hook Rescue Knife
  • Sparrow Descender
  • 30 meters – 11mm Rope
  • Mini Rope Grab
  • Advance Tech Mate/HX Pully Set
  • Extendable Pole
  • Scaffold Hook
  • Rigging Plate