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Petzl Coeur Pulse Removable Anchor – 8mm x 50mm

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Temporary 8 mm anchor, composed of an aluminum hanger and a stainless steel shaft, designed for caving suspension and equipment. Quick to place or remove, PULSE allows for a more comfortable and safe practice.

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  • Quick to use:
    • Instantly placed by activating the release plunge.
    • Anchor is completely removed by pressing on the release plunger and pulling on the hanger.
  • Comfort:
    • Easy to install and remove.
    • Locking wrench for extended use or use with groups.
    • Twisted hanger designed to hold the connector parallel to the wall.
    • Interchangeable hanger.
  • More responsible equipment practice for caving:
    • The anchor dœs not rust underground.
    • The condition of the anchor is checked.
  • Drilling depth: 50mm
  • Drilling diameter: 8mm
  • Resistance to cutting on concrete 50 MPa: 15 kN
  • Pull-out strength in concrete 50 MPa: 12 kN

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