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Fyfe River Gorge

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The Fyfe River Gorge is located in the South Eastern corner of the Kahurangi National Park.

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The rock in the Fyfe is compact limestone (nearly marble in places). The faces are generally featured with sloping blocks and edges, with the odd tufa and flowstone. Holds tend to be complex and take time to decipher the most efficient positions. They can be sharp and ‘cauliflower’ rock is present although not as abundant as nearby major outcrops.

Routes covered in this download come under the following:

Knot Factory
At 30 minutes, the Knot Factory is the first port of call in the Fyfe. It offers moderate grade terrain with potential for plenty more routes including multi-pitch adventures. It currently hosts the longest continuous limestone project in NZ, but this could potentially be surpassed further down the gorge.

The Factory
The Factory is a further 5-10 minutes upriver from the Knot Factory. Once you get through the band of seeping rock at the base, the climbing is steep and difficult on a well-featured rock.

The Darkside is the longest continuous cliff band in the Gorge and consists of a number of sectors. Although development has been sporadic to date, there is vast potential for new routes here including multi-pitch up to approximately 150m long.

Intergalactic Wall (in two parts)
The Intergalactic Wall is currently the most developed crag in the gorge and comprises a good range of difficulty and terrain. The left wall contains an excellent face and tufa climbing while the right offers powerful climbing with short, steep routes.


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