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SMC Descent Control 8

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Exceptional control when starting acceleration, rappelling speed, and deceleration for stopping are the most notable characteristics of the Descent Control 8 Descender. Light weight, tough, and stainless steel wear-resistant surfaces are other important features of this unique descender. The SMC Decent Control 8 performs extremely well in repetitive rappelling environments, such as rescue training or at climbing gyms.

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  • Designed for use on rope 1/2” and smaller
  • Wide ”shoulders” help to prevent formation of a girth hitch when the rappeller’s weight is off the rope.
  • Welding is done by aircraft certified welders, followed by dye penetrant inspection to insure full compliance with SMC’s stringent quality assurance standards.

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Weight 0.213 kg
Dimensions 12.7 × 9.39 × 0.95 cm

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