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CT Axis HMS Screw Gate Carabiner (ACL)

NZD $31.00

Large HMS carabiner with wide opening and screw gate, made of hot-forged light alloy, designed for use in mountaineering, recovery manoeuvres and rescue operations.

  • Shape guarantees correct axial loading relative to rope and other devices.
  • Large size and ample width to allow use of Munter hitch knot, the securing of more than one rope, slings or devices and rope manoeuvres in general.
  • Accentuated double-T profile, for an excellent weight/load ratio.
  • Lightened and shaped form for improved ease of holding.
  • Catch-free closure to avoid accidental tangling during use.
  • ACL system, which allows attachment to the harness’s belay loop, preventing cross loading.

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Weight 0.080 kg

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