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Aspiring Dynamic Anchor Chain

NZD $89.00

A versatile personal dynamic anchor to be used as a single attachment or equalised across multiple anchors.

Made in NZ

Made to last!

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  • Made from dynamic rope to reduce the shock transmitted to the user in the event of a fall.
  • Each loop rated to 16kN.
  • Attach anywhere along the chain.
  • Made by Aspiring in New Zealand.
  • Complies with the static and dynamic requirements of UIAA 109.

Anchor Chains vs  Daisy Chains

Anchor chains were developed to address the growing misuse of daisy chains. The daisy chain is a closed loop of webbing with small loops made by bar tacking either side of the webbing together at intervals along the length, one side of the webbing being offset to form the loops.

Daisy chains have an ultimate strength rating of 22kN, which depends on the stitching joining the ends of the webbing, but the catch is that when attaching to loops midway along the length, the intermediate bar tacks will start failing at about 3kN, because the strength of the loop depends on individual bar tacks.

The other two bar tacks in the group of three holding the loop don’t add to the strength of the loop because they are pulled out one at a time. However there is still an ultimate strength of 22kN.

A serious risk associated with daisy chains is clipping the carabiner into two loops either side by side or an end loop and loop further up. Failure of the loop stitching then causes the carabiner to become free.

Anchor chains are independent loops each rated to full strength, so attaching anywhere along the chain or through multiple loops results in a safer connection.

The Dynamic Anchor Chain an evolutionary step up from our standard Anchor Chain. By using dynamic rope instead of Dyneema webbing the impact force from a fall is greatly reduced helping to prevent personal injury or damage to equipment in the event of a fall.

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