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SMC Aluminium Descending Ring

NZD $11.00

SMC Descending Rings are a one-piece aluminum ring which are intended to be placed at the top of a pull down rappel in place of a carabiner in order to facilitate recovery of ropes. Low cost means you don’t have to think twice if the situation requires leaving the D-Ring behind. In addition, descending rings are often used creatively in various rescue rigging applications and are important components in the manufacture of many different types of climbing and rescue harnesses.

  • Manufactured from a single piece of aircraft quality aluminium in order to insure consistent quality, durability and maximum reliability.
  • 38mm ID x 52mm OD
  • Aluminium
  • Not recommended as a slackline locker ring. See this one instead.

Additional information

Weight 0.011 kg
Dimensions 5.2 × 5.2 × 0.7 cm


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