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Techrock Original Alien Cams

$145.00 $116.00

The original smallest camming device is back. Now made to exactly the same specs on the same machines by TechRock in Spain.

  • Flexible stem
  • Ergonomic trigger system
  • Great for shallow placements
  • Narrow head
  • Colour-matched slings

Additional information


1/3 inch – Black, 3/8 inch – Blue, 1/2 inch – Green, 3/4 inch – Yellow, 7/8 inch – Grey, 1 inch – Red

Size Info

Size Colour Min Max Rating Weight
1/3 Black 8mm 14mm 5kN 64g
3/8 Blue 10mm 17mm 6kN 68g
1/2 Green 13mm 22mm 7kN 70g
3/4 Yellow 15mm 25mm 9kN 77g
7/8 Grey 17mm 30mm 10kN 80g
1 Red 20mm 33mm 10kN 84g


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