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SMC 38mm Advance Tech Mate Double Pulley

NZD $199.00

This new pulley frame design is ideal for making compact haul kits. An integrated stainless pins help retain the rope when a rigged system is packed so that system can be pulled out and used immediately. Manufactured from high quality aluminium and anodized to help prevent corrosion.  The Advance Tech Mate is the ideal compact pulley for technicians wanting to use the Advance Tech HX in a mini haul system. The Advance Tech Mate will support ropes diameters from 7mm up to 12.5mm.

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  • High efficiency sealed ball bearings providing flawless function under conditions that would shut down lesser grade pulleys.
  • Side plates are precisely tensioned for easy one-handed operation and secure placement at any point along the rope.
  • Low profile fasteners reduce snagging and hanging up when pulley is being moved.
  • Wide base design works most efficiently with Prusik cords of up to 8mm.

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Weight 0.154 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 6.1 × 4.7 cm


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