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CT Pillar Pro SGL Oval Screw Lock Carabiner

Hot-forged light alloy carabiner with an oval shape, screw gate and elevated workloads. Particularly suitable for recovery and rescue operations, mountaineering, speleology, aid climbing and big wall.

CT Alpin Tour Light Mountaineering Axe

Lightweight ice axe, ideal for ski touring & mountaineering. Its preferred use is in snowy environment such as glacier travel, couloirs and ridges.

CT Alpine Tour Plus Mountaineering Axe

Classic ice axe for glacier travel and couloirs.


CT Magma Pack – 35L

Technical rucksack for mountaineering and ski mountaineering, spacious but clean design with attachments for ice tools and skis.


Aspiring Rocky Climbing Harness

Simple light weight unisex climbing harness. Great for sport, trad, and mountaineering.


CT Fly-Weight Evo Carabiner

Hot-forged light alloy carabiner with wire gate, ideal for mountaineering, multi-pitch sport climb and big wall.


CT Thunder Hammer Kit

Lightweight and well balanced rock-hammer, ideal for alpine climbing routes.

Truck Tool Carabiner CT

CT Truck Tool Holder

Composite polyamide tool holder, weightless and practical.

Daisy Chains

Aspiring Daisy Chains – 13mm Dyneema

A simple personal attachment with loops to change the length.

Figure-8 Descender, Mountain 8

SMC Mountaineering Figure 8

Easy to rig and handle when wearing gloves, this new compact and lightweight descender has smooth action on belay or rappel. Made with high quality aluminium for optimal strength to weight ratio. Hard coat anodized black for durability and extra resistance to wear and abrasion. Also available in anodized blue for those looking to add some colour to their gear rack.


CT Lumex Headlamp

Ultra-light multi-purpose headlamp recommended for sports amateurs and professionals.


CT Be Up Belay Device

Multi use belay & abseil device with an innovative and compact design, suitable for use with half, twin and single ropes for mountaineering, multi-pitch sport climbing and trad routes. Intuitive and easy to use, the BE UP has a modular braking system to optimize braking with all types of rope and allow the auto-locking and independent belaying of two seconds.


PMI Elite Rope – 9.4mm

This lightweight rope weighing in at 57.4 g/m is a favorite among the best competitive climbers in the world. It weighs as much as 1/3 less than other similar diameter ropes providing speed and agility needed for tough routes.


PMI Erratic Rope – 8.9mm – Dry (Single/Half/Twin)

The all new ERRATIC has every feature that you need all wrapped up into one rope for any climbing situation. It is a triple rated rope that is ultra-lightweight with a solid feel and precision control.


SMC 60cm I Picket Snow Anchor

SMC snow stake recognized for excellence in performance and durability by the world renowned American Alpine Institute as one of their “Guides’ Choice” products.

CT Snow Flex Crampon

10-point crampons designed for ski touring and progression on snow. The particular design of the points provides the crampons with great holding power over all types of snow.

Aspiring Dyneema Webelet – 13mm

13mm dyneema strop ideal for stitching up trad anchors quickly and easily.


CT Eye Round Pition

Soft steel zinc plated piton with U tip.

CT Eye Sharp Pition

Soft steel zinc plated piton with V tip.

CT Ring Hanger – 10/12mm

Multidirectional anchor plate made of AISI 316L stainless steel.

CT Granite Pack

Technical rucksack for mountaineering and alpinism, with a minimalist design and fastening loops for correctly positioning equipment.


CT Firn Backpack

Day sack for ski-mountaineering, with compact, body-hugging form and top zip for rapid access to shovel and probe.


CT Universal Piton

Universal soft steel zinc plated piton with 45° angled head.

CT Universal Hard Piton

Universal hard steel piton with 45° angled head.

CT Hyper Spike Crampon

New technical, hybrid and modular 13-point crampons, with interchangeable front points, designed to deal with the steepest and hardest ice walls and mixed climbing in the world, and to adapt to all your needs in every situation.

CT Snow Blade Shovel

Aluminium snow shovel for ski touring and mountaineering, with an ergonomic handle for better grip during use and improved efficiency during excavation.

CT Finder 240 Probe

Light alloy probe composed of six sections. Quick tensioning system with Kevlar cord.

CT Black Line Cap

Windproof cap for mountaineering, backpacking and outdoor in general.


CT Route Rope (Half/Twin) – 8.2mm

Lightweight 8.2 half and twin rope, Excellent quality, robustness, and handing.


CT Glue-In Belay Station

Belay station entirely made of AISI 316L stainless steel.


CT Pillar Pro Oval Twist Lock Carabiner

Hot-forged light alloy carabiner with an oval shape, twist-lock gate and elevated workloads. Particularly suitable for recovery and rescue operations, mountaineering, speleology, aid climbing and big wall.


CT Dron Plus Mountaineering Axe

Multipurpose ice axe for couloirs, classic slopes on north faces and ridges with mixed climbing.

PMI Verglas Rope – 8.1mm – Dry (Half/Twin)

With a fall rating of 18 for Twin rope use, you should feel absolute confidence in the VERGLAS when committing to those adventurous routes! Ideal for sport and trad rock routes as well as snow and ice climbs, sometimes two ropes can work to your advantage.


CT North Couloir Ice Axe

Technical ice axe designed for ice climbing and technical mountaineering. Icefalls, north faces and goulottes are all ideal terrain for this ice axe. The possibility to fully modulate the tool with various accessories gives it a unique versatility within its category. The lightness and the precise balance makes this piece of equipment suitable for both men and women.


CT Lycan Crampon

Twelve point technical crampons designed for technical mountaineering, goulottes and ice climbing.


CT Carved Chocks (Nuts)

Light alloy anodized chocks, available in 11 sizes.