Poles, Axes, & Screws

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CT Alpin Tour Light Mountaineering Axe

0 Reviews

Lightweight ice axe, ideal for ski touring & mountaineering. Its preferred use is in snowy environment such as glacier travel, couloirs and ridges.

CT Alpine Tour Plus Mountaineering Axe

0 Reviews

Classic ice axe for glacier travel and couloirs.


CT Ice Screws

0 Reviews

Classic hardened steel tubular ice screw.


CT Alta Via Trekking Poles

0 Reviews

Pole for hiking and trekking, lightweight and compact.


CT Finder 240 Probe

0 Reviews

Light alloy probe composed of six sections. Quick tensioning system with Kevlar cord.

CT Dron Plus Mountaineering Axe

0 Reviews

Multipurpose ice axe for couloirs, classic slopes on north faces and ridges with mixed climbing.

CT North Couloir Ice Axe

0 Reviews

Technical ice axe designed for ice climbing and technical mountaineering. Icefalls, north faces and goulottes are all ideal terrain for this ice axe. The possibility to fully modulate the tool with various accessories gives it a unique versatility within its category. The lightness and the precise balance makes this piece of equipment suitable for both men and women.