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Double & Triple Pulleys

Double pulleys come with a becket eye to which a length of rope can be attached to create a 4:1 mechanical advantage system. The smaller sizes are used to assemble a “jigger” with two double pulleys and a short length of accessory cord (see “Jiggers & Hauling Systems”. Our range of seven products covers all sizes to suit any purpose.

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Small Cave Pack – 15L

Aspiring Small Caving Pack – 15L

Made from 680g/m2 white PVC Narrow rounded rectangular base reinforced with webbing Reinforced eyelets in base for drainage 15 litre capacity Ideal as a rope bag –…

Caving Pack 35L Aspiring

Aspiring Caving Pack – 35L

680 g/m2 white PVC with colour contrast. Butynol base reinforced with webbing. Reinforced eyelets in base for drainage. Double loop daisy chain hauling straps. Heavy-duty enclosed draw…