Caving Overalls

Caving Overalls

Our cave overalls were designed for caving 25 years ago, and have evolved with the development of New Zealand’s marble caves, especially Bulmer Cavern. They provide the most practical balance between wearability and durability.

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Cave overalls Aspiring

Aspiring Cordura Caving Overalls

Cordura coveralls designed specifically for cavers ensuring maximum durability and comfort. Our Overalls have been tried and tested in caves around Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world for over 25 years. Made to order in Christchurch; you will not find a better option on the market for caving overalls.

Cave Overalls - Kevlar

Aspiring Kevlar Caving Overalls

Kevlar cave overalls are similar to the cordura version but manufactured from a lightweight Kevlar fabric. Weight is just over half of the cordura overalls.