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Aspiring harness features

  • All Aspiring harnesses have attachment points which are at or above the level of the waist belt, to prevent inverting and falling head-first in a fall (see Harness Use).
  • Aspiring harnesses are designed with the load-bearing stitching on the inside of the webbing, so that it is not exposed to damage on the outside of the harness.
  • All gear loops are strong enough to hold well in excess of body weight, to guard against an attachment mistake (the actual strength varies with the harness model).
  • Each harness has a strength well in excess of the European standard requirement of 15 kN. Minimum strengths range from 18 - 28 kN, depending on the harness.
Purpose Weight Strength Padding Sizes
Stratos Men's
Rock climbing, mountaineering 425 g 22 kN Yes S, M, L, XL
Stratos Women's
Rock climbing, mountaineering 425 g 22kN Yes XS, S, M, L,
Nova Rock climbing 320 g 18 kN Yes S, M, L, XL
Classic Mountaineering, abseiling, ski touring 280 g 18kN No XS, S, M, L, XL
Adventure Outdoor education, abseiling, climbing gyms 500 g >24kN No S, M, XL
Duplex Ropes course, abseiling 900 g 24kN No XS, S, M, L
Instructor Outdoor instruction 900 g >24kN Yes S, M, L
Speleo Caving, prusiking 520 g 20kN No S, M, L
Full harness Abseiling, ropes course 520 g 20kN Leg loops S, M, L
Rescue Cliff rescue, helicopter work 1.1 kg 20kN Yes (S), M, L
Work at height - fall arrest 1.45 kg 22kN No (S), M, (L)
Tower Helicopter rescue, tower work 2.45 kg 20kN Yes (S), M, (L)
Work-positioning  Work at height - work-positioning 1.25 kg 20kN Yes (S), M, (L)
Arborist Aboriculture 1.6 kg 22kN Yes (S), M, (L)

Sizes in brackets (S), (L), indicate that this size is made to order.

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