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Over many years Aspiring has refused to compromise on the principle of a stable hanging position which underpins our climbing harness designs. By rethinking the standard climbing harness design, Aspiring has come up with an innovative but still familiar product which retains the stable hanging position. Careful development and extended trials have shown that the Stratos harness excels in comfort and performance.

Stratos Climbing Harness

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 Fixed Belay Loop

  • Retains attachment geometry at all times, keeping attachment point high during abseils and falls to prevent inversion
  • Prevents see-sawing of the leg loops through the belay loop, minimising rubbing on this quick-to-wear point
  • Waist strap slides horizontally through belay loop to assist with centering gear loops
  • 16cm range in waist belt size

Four Gear Loops

  • Four gear loops - two on each side 
  • Overlapping gear loops to bring second gear loop closer to the front
  • Gear loop strength over 3kN – sufficient to hold bodyweight should a novice mistakenly clip into a gear loop

Ultra Comfortable Leg Loops

  • Ergonomically shaped leg padding to minimise harness bulk between legs
  • Weight in leg loops is distributed through two webbing straps for extra comfort and support
  • Fully adjustable leg loops with elastic to promote full range of hip movement

Made Strong and Robust

  • Overall strength in excess of 22 kN (tested to 22.5 kN without failure – 1½ times the European standard EN12277)
  • Wear points are protected by webbing not fabric
  • Belay loop is lined with webbing to protect it from wear
  • Belay loop has no raw webbing edges exposed
  • High-density New Zealand-made foam in leg loops and waist belt
  • Lightweight at 425 grams
  • Colour scheme: Mens - black, red, grey. Womens - black, red, olive
Men's Stratos
 IM1S1  S  70-80  45-55
 IM1M1  M  80-90  50-60
 IM1L1  L  90-100  55-65
 IM1X1  XL  100-110  60-70
Women's Stratos
IW1E1 XS 60-70 45-55
IW1S1 S 70-80 50-60
IW1M1 M 80-90 55-65
IW1L1 L 90-100 60-70







Code Mens / Womens Price
IM1S1 Mens - S -
IM1M1 Mens - M -
IM1L1 Mens - L -
IM1X1 Mens - XL -
IW1E1 Womens - XS -
IW1S1 Womens - S -
IW1M1 Womens - M -
IW1L1 Womens - L -
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