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Arborist Harness

Our harness for arboriculture was designed in collaboration with New Zealand arborists to ensure that local preferences were provided for.  The result is a simple yet functional and comfortable harness that is rugged and relatively light weight, at a very reasonable price.

 Aspiring has taken the sting out of purchasing an arborist harness, while still providing the essential features.

Aspiring, made in NZ

Arborist Harness

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  • Designed in collaboration with NZ arborists
  • Rugged, comfortable and lightweight
  • Sliding friction saver ring and bridge attached to two D-rings
  • Pole strap attachment points on left and right
  • Quick-release waist buckle and leg loops
  • Heavy-duty padded waist belt and leg loops for sustained hanging
  • Large gear loops
  • Replacement bridge sections available
  • Complies with AS/NZS 1891.1:2007 as a lower body harness
  • Double arborist ring option made to order
Code Size Price
HA1M1 Medium -
HA1L1 Large -
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