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18 March New Light-weight Type-2 Fall Arrester

We are now stocking a light weight retractable type 2 fall arrester. The CT Series 104 is designed for user comfort weighing nly 1kg and with 4 metres of 15mm Dyneema it is a lightweight alternative to previous solutions on the market. Tested and complied with EN 360:2002 the Series 104 will be a useful addition to a lot of work at height applications allowing movement of the user and an immediate lock in a fall. Also a good solution for the use on EWP's instead of a lanyard setup.... to learn more and see if this is suited to your purpose give us a call or come doan and view in store.




30 October: Zip-top rope bagZip-top rope bag

The new zip-top rope bag is a development of our normal 40 litre backpack style rope bag, and provides a complete closure using a durable zip around the top of the bag, instead of the usual draw-cord.

  • Heavy duty 650 g/m2 PVC
  • Rope capacity is up to 100 metres of 11 mm rope
  • Circular base reinforced with webbing rand
  • 40 litre capacity
  • Double hauling straps
  • Simple adjustable shoulder straps
  • Robust zip closure with two sliders
  • Tie-loop in base
  • Colour is yellow

27 October 2011: The RETRIEVER Rescue Kit retriever rescue kit

Our newest product is actually an assembly of several products rather than a single product. The Retriever is a new rescue kit built around the idea of being able to perform the rescue of a fallen co-worker without having to do any complicated assembly. With the Retriever the worker can perform a retrieval, hauling operation, and lowering operation without havingRetriever hauling unit to reconfigure the equipment. And best of all, because it is built out of standard components that are available separately, the price is much less than most other kits.

A special bracket fitted to a scaffold hook which is mounted on an extendable pole enables the fallen worker to be captured by the rescuers, simply by hooking onto a D-ring on the harness and pulling the handle free.

The Retriever is supplied with 30 metres of rope so that a worker can be lowered to the ground, controlled by a special self-locking lowering device. A hauling assembly with a 4:1 mechanical advantage is connected to the rope and is used to release the person's weight from the lanyard, and also to haul back up to the work area if required.

The whole kit is supplied in a red bag marked "Rescue Kit" with a sleeve for the pole and a first aid pouch, which can be carried to the site as a back pack, or preferably stored at the worksite while the work is in progress.

12 October 2011: The new Aspiring Safety Products website

Welcome to our new website. The old site has served us well for nine years, but finally the time has come for a fresh look for our Internet presence. Thanks to Shane Breckon and the team at Indigo Tech for making it happen.

On this site you will find detailed information and images showing our entire product range. If you wish to see just the products that are applicable to your industry, you can do that by clicking on the nine industry-based links on the lower part of the home page.

We have also copied our popular information pages to the new site. These give more technical detail on our harnesses, as well as information on related topics such as product standards and inspection procedures. We also have a lengthy article on safe work at height.

We hope you find the site interesting and informative.


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