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SRT Kits

Our usual SRT kit is a standard "frog" assembly,  configured for ease of use and to minimise the number of connectors. Many variations are possible to suit the needs of particular users.

Aspiring, made in NZ


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The standard SRT kit includes the following components:
  • Speleo harness with D-shape screw-link (Maillon)
  • Caving chest harness
  • Ascender foot-loops (adjustable or fixed length)
  • CT hand ascender with 80cm cowstail sewn in
  • CT chest ascender with 7mm screw-link (Maillon)
  • Double cowstail (30/60 cm) with captive twist-lock karabiner and bent gate karabiner
  • Abseil rack is an optional extra

Please note: harness sizes and foot-loop type and length need to be specified.

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