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We supply the traditional aluminum rung and steel wire cavinng ladders made in Australia, and also manufacture webbing ladders of our own design in various lengths. Having been replaced by SRT for most verrtical caving, ladders are now making a comeback for rigging short but steep drops where a few steps up a ladder can completely eliminate what would otherwise be a short but annoying pitch.

Aspiring, made in NZ

Webbing Ladder

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  • Lightweight webbing ladder
  • 2m, 3m, 4m & 5m options
  • Aluminum top rung to maintain width
  • Single reinforced eye attachment
Code Length Price
MLW02 2m -
MLW03 3m -
MLW04 4m -
MLW05 5m -

Bonwick, made in Australia

Wire Ladder

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  • Lightweight aluminium ladders ideal for caving access and semi-permanent rigging
  • 9m / 30 rungs
  • Galvanised steel wire
  • Also available in 6m & 15m lengths
Code Length Price
MLC06 6m -
MLC09 9m -
MLC15 15m -
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